Stream Station Link

The Stream Station Link, the simplest way to securely transmit your programming from Point A to Point B.

Fully Managed. We monitor your Stream Station Link 24/7 to keep your business online and running smoothly.

Secure. Our link uses modern encryption and enterprise level VPN technology to keep your most important data safe. 

Flexible. Our system works with SDI, ASI and IP video.

Easy. Just plug in your video source and we will handle the rest. 

Robust. Supports RIST, Zixi, SRT, RTP and more. 

Professional Sports
Used to securely transport games to fans across the globe.
Used by Fortune 500 companies for town halls, training and all-hands meetings.
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Connecting with off-campus students, faculty and alumni.

Integration with our Stream Station Link app allows customers to manage their content, live and on-demand.